wacky fuddles video

have you seen that wacky video that frans made of me? it shows me hopping and flopping and slipping around and looking pretty darn silly if you ask me. i’m a much better climber and jumper than that! i wish he’d put some real action pictures of me up, like when I climb the couch or leap from a chair to the coffee table. really daring stuff i do in the house. or better yet, when I  fought that big bear, or caught that giant fish. that was real action! i think it was real… or maybe I just dreamed about it… hmmm…

well, anyway, do you have any photos of your cat playing or running around or doing any silly old thing? i’d love to see them. tell me what your cat has been up to, so I can share it with others.

i’m getting hungry. i’m gonna see what mom put out for me- i hope it’s something sweet. i’ve been dreaming about marmalade on toast, with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. yummy!


Book store visit

that frans, the guy who draws me, did a book store visit and he took along an imposter! he looks kinda like me, (though i think i’m much better looking!) see the picture in the article- i have a much handsomer nose than that guy! he looks so smug, sitting on frans’ lap- he’s not even smiling! and they call him a pampered fat cat? i’m much bigger than he is!!

tell me what you think who is better looking, that imposter or the real fuddles?


“Fuddles” Inspiration Visits Once Upon A Time Bookstore

Posted by Robin Goldsworthy on May 19th, 2011 and filed under Between Friends. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry- from the Crescenta Valley Weekly.

Photo provided by OUAT
Frans and “Fuddles” inspiration Felix with some young reader fans at
Once Upon A Time.


Glendale resident Frans Vischer has been bringing smiles to folks for years through his work as an animator.
After completing college in the 1980s Vischer’s first job was for Disney. And though his path took him away from the animation giant for some years, he recently returned to the Burbank studio. A father with three kids, he can also be found on the soccer field as a volunteer coach for AYSO.
Also an accomplished author, Vischer recently debuted his first picture book. “Fuddles” tells the story of a fat, pampered housecat cat who goes looking for an outdoor adventure after realizing that his life is short on excitement and heavy on routine.
The inspiration came from the family’s own nearly 30-pound cat named Felix who, just like Fuddles, is an indoor cat.
On Sunday, Vischer, along with his inspiration Felix, visited Once Upon A Time bookstore in Montrose to read excerpts from “Fuddles” and meet some of their younger fans.
“We had about three dozen folks at the signing enjoying Frans’ on-the-spot illustrations and stories,” said Palacios of the pair’s visit. “The star, though, was the guest appearance of Vischer’s own fat and pampered cat. The Fuddles-impersonator (real name Felix) roamed the store, introduced himself to the bookstore’s own pampered Kitty Mama, and generally made his presence known.”
There was also a Guess Fuddles Weight contest with guesses ranging from 5 lbs. to 125 lbs. (the correct answer was 27 lbs.).

another backyard adventure


i snuck out to the backyard again today. i really want to go in the front yard- that’s where all the action is, but it’s really hard to sneak out that front door! i chased two squirrels all over the backyard- boy were they scared of me. i showed them who’s the boss all right! and i nearly caught a birdie, but it got away. too bad, it was a really big bird too! i bet it tastes better than fried chicken! i really like fried chicken, especially with the skin still  attached. that’s the yummiest!

well, all that running around and talking about food is making me hungry and sleepy, and dinner isn’t for almost an hour! i better take a cat-nap.