wacky fuddles video

have you seen that wacky video that frans made of me? it shows me hopping and flopping and slipping around and looking pretty darn silly if you ask me. i’m a much better climber and jumper than that! i wish he’d put some real action pictures of me up, like when I climb the couch or leap from a chair to the coffee table. really daring stuff i do in the house. or better yet, when I  fought that big bear, or caught that giant fish. that was real action! i think it was real… or maybe I just dreamed about it… hmmm…

well, anyway, do you have any photos of your cat playing or running around or doing any silly old thing? i’d love to see them. tell me what your cat has been up to, so I can share it with others.

i’m getting hungry. i’m gonna see what mom put out for me- i hope it’s something sweet. i’ve been dreaming about marmalade on toast, with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. yummy!



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