beef stroganoff tonight!

today i have a big dilemma. mom is making beef stroganoff, one of my most favorite meals! she makes it with a really rich, yummy cream of mushroom soup sauce and ground up pepper- ooh! makes me purr just thinking about it!

but there’s one little problem- it makes me have to visit my litter box a lot. i mean like every five minutes! and that’s not much fun. i could be in the middle of a great cat-nap on the couch, dreaming about chasing a cheetah or beating up a buffalo, and then i wake up and have to rush to my litter box, and then someone in my family picks me up and starts hugging and petting me. don’t they understand that i have to go?! i meow as hard as i can, but they just don’t understand and keep on petting, and i have to hold it in as much as i can. people can be a bit dense sometimes.

but i’m really looking forward to beef stroganoff!



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