Those annoying squirrels

i had another run-in with those rascally squirrels today. they think they own the whole yard! they were stealing my family’s avocados, the ones on the ground. so i chased the squirrels up the tree. i didn’t climb the tree after them actually- that would’ve been a waste of energy. i just wanted those squirrels gone and away from our avocados. way up on a branch they sat there snickering at me- what chickens squirrels are! i can take the both of them if i had to! they’ve probably watched me work-out to prepare for my big adventures, and they’re afraid of me now. they know who the boss is!

i gathered up the avocados for mom. she makes a yummy-chicken salad with chopped avocados! i wish she’d make a squirrel salad sometime- i’ll gladly provide the squirrels! all this food talk is making me very hungry, and all that squirrel-chasing made me really tired. i think i’ll take a long cat-nap. hopefully it will be dinner time when i wake up.



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