Hotel Garden Stroll

today i took a stroll around the garden in the hotel. there were lots of colorful flowers- i never saw so many colors in my life! they smelled really good, like mom’s perfume. i tried to sniff a pretty pink flower but a big black bumble bee came right at me. i’m sure it wanted to sting me so i got out of there quick!

i ran all the way down the path and around the pool. when i looked back the bumble bee wasn’t there- i guess it went back to the flowers, which was a good thing because i was pooped!

i needed a catnap so i found a nice shady spot right next to a sign that had a picture of a big alligator. i got nice and comfy in that spot, and i was almost snoozing off when a thought came in my head. i thought, could there be alligators in the lake behind the hotel? that sounds scary! alligators have big pointy teeth, and a lot of them, so i got out of there quick too! i ran all the way to our room and then i climbed on the bed and went straight to sleep and i slept like a kitten!



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