A Big Kitty Scare

i had quite an adventure today. i followed my family into the hotel breakfast room this morning. i think i wasn’t supposed to be there, because mom told me to go under the table. everybody fed me sausages and bacon and  hash-browns, even a kid from the table next to my family’s! he gave me half of his pumpkin muffin! yummy!!

but when my family left the table, i wasn’t finished with my breakfast yet. i followed them even though i didn’t really want to. then a man carrying a bin of dirty dishes dropped a sausage, right in front of me. how thoughtful and kind of him. he could see that i was still hungry, so i chomped that sausage down. by then my family had left the breakfast room, and i was about to go after them when the nice man dropped a bagel on the floor for me. so i took the bagel in my mouth and followed him into a room. this man knew how to take good care of a hungry cat! i took my time eating the bagel- it was cinnamon raisin, with just enough cream cheese. mmmmm!

i enjoyed the bagel so much that i didn’t realize the door had closed, and the nice man was gone. then i noticed a bad stench in the room. it really stank in there! and then i saw why- there was garbage all around me! bags stuffed with disgusting old food, piled on top of each other. ooh, what an awful thing after such a nice breakfast!

i meowed as loud as i could, but nobody came to rescue me. the more i smelled the garbage, the worse it got! i thought i was going to faint! be strong, i told myself, but i didn’t know how long i could last! i waited and waited, it seemed like hours and days. i had very little strength left. oh, what a terrible way to go. i tried to think of nice things, like chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry shortcake, but the stench was over-powering! just a few more minutes, and i would be a goner…

then suddenly the door opened! a woman came in with a big garbage bag . i bolted out the door as fast as i could. i didn’t have much strength left, but i ran all the way to my  hotel room. thank goodness my family was still there. i collapsed on my pillow and fell straight to sleep,and i didn’t wake up until dinner time . good thing too, because i was really hungry!



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