A special place!

today i found a very special place. i was wandering thru the hotel halls when a wonderful aroma hit my pink nose. wham! i was instantly mesmerized! i followed the scent to a big room where lots of people wearing white aprons were scurrying around. i found the hotel bakery! a very special place!

the people in aprons were so busy that nobody saw me, eventho i meowed a friendly greeting. someone clapped their hands and shouted something, and all the people hurried into a corner of the room.  clearly they knew that a true desert-lover was in the room-me! straight ahead was  a large silver tray covered with beautiful little fruit tarts. they were all placed neatly in rows and grouped together.  truffle tarts with raspberries,  strawberry tarts on chocolate-covered pastries, apple crumble tarts, (a special favorite of mine!)

i tried them all, and i must say, my compliments to the chef! the truffles were out of this world! and the strawberry tarts were just heavenly! the cat’s meow! the apple crumble tart was good, but the ground almond crumb was a bit pasty, not quite the texture i like. i was about to go for a second opinion, when i heard shouts behind me, and people running toward me. of course i understood-they needed to bring the deserts out to the tables, so i nodded my approval on the tarts and quickly got out of their way. i got back to our room and had a delicious nap dreaming about fruit tarts.



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