A new toy!

i found something on the living room floor today! i’m not sure what it is, but it’s black and shiny and about as long as my front leg. i knew right away that it was a new toy for me. my family is so nice!

i wondered if it was a race car, eventho i didn’t see any wheels. i turned it one way, and got ready to chase it, but it just sat there. then i turned it the other way, but it still didn’t move, so i turned it over. there were lots of buttons in all sorts of colors. but i couldn’t figure out what it was  supposed to do.

i put my paw on it a few times. suddenly the tv came on and i jumped 3 feet in the air because there was nobody else in the room to turn it on! i nearly had a heart attack! i looked all around, but i was the only one in the room. how could that be? i still have not figured that out. there was a cartoon on the tv so i watched for a while. then i got tired of that so i went to play with my new toy again. i pushed it across the floor and pounced on it, and then i heard a loud noise behind me. there was nobody else in the room, but the cartoon was gone from the tv and there were a bunch of cowboys shooting at each other.

i got comfortable and stretched out on top of my toy, and suddenly a big lady was singing on tv! what happened to the shooting cowboys? i thought.  i was just getting into the movie! i got up, and suddenly the singing lady disappeared and a man was shouting about a cleaning product!

then Mom showed up saying, “fuddles!” and she took my new toy away. i don’t understand it at all. the whole morning was very confusing, so i took a long cat-nap to make me forget it all, which didn’t work- i still remember it all. but mom is making fajitas for dinner, with avocados and chips! yummy! that’ll  make me forget any bad thing!



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