Playing soccer!

i played soccer today with my family in the backyard.   at first i wanted to play  goalie, because goalies don’t have to run a lot- they just stand around most of the time. i’m very good at that. but then everybody was kicking the ball at me, and shouting for me to stop it!

i was so scared when that black and white ball came to me, that i tucked my head in and rolled up into a ball. but then i had a thought- i have those occasionally, and my thought was this. i’m black and white, and so is the ball, and i’m rolled up and round, and so is that ball! so my family might think that the ball was me, and they might kick me instead of the ball! that thought made a lot of sense to me, so i jumped out of the way quick!

it’s much safer playing in the middle of the yard. i chased the kids around a little, and whenever the ball came in my direction, i just got out of the way. but it was still a work-out, and soon i was pooped, so  i took a rest in the shade of our avocado tree.  lying there comfortably on a soft patch of grass, munching on a soft avocado, i realized that watching soccer is a lot easier than playing soccer. my family played for a while more. it was boys against girls, and i don’t know who won- i was too involved with that delicious avocado.

finally my family stopped playing and went inside. mom and dad made tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. of course they made one for me too. there was melted swiss cheese on top, and chopped sweet pickles and avocado inside- the cat’s meow! after all that activity and that yummy lunch, i’m going too take a long cat-nap and dream about what’s for dinner!



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