A Nasty Gopher!

our backyard has been invaded by a gopher! that rascal digs under-ground tunnels all over the place, or under the place, i should say. and when he comes up above the ground he makes a big mound of dirt which makes the yard a big mess. mom and dad work so hard to make my yard pretty- planting flowers and bushes and plants and keeping everything neat and tidy. and then this gopher comes and makes a big mess!

i decided to teach that gopher a lesson. i made a trap for that gopher. i cleverly sat down right smack in front of one of his messy mounds and waited for him to return. my plan was to scare that gopher the instant his nasty little head appeared, and jump up and hiss really loud and scare that gopher out of his wits so that he would hurry back down his tunnel and never come back to our yard.

so i waited. while i waited i practiced my hissing. i made my eyes small so they were almost slits, and then i spit as i hissed. boy, i almost scared myself! i knew that when that gopher showed up i was going to give him the scare of his life. oh, boy, i couldn’t wait! he wasn’t coming very quickly tho, but i waited patiently. and then i waited some more. i would show that gopher i could out-wait him!

but the gopher just wasn’t coming. i was really determined to scare that gopher, so i kept on waiting.

when you’re just sitting and waiting, there isn’t much to get tired from, but i was getting pretty tired of waiting. the sun was getting warmer, and i was also getting sleepy.  and then my tummy started getting hungry. i tried to ignore my hunger and sleep. i tried counting to keep me awake, but how many times can you count to 3?! pretty soon the counting was making me sleepy…

my rumbling tummy woke me up. i slept all afternoon, and it was nearly dinner time! i couldn’t believe it- i slept right thru my own trap! and you know what’s even worse, there was another messy gopher mound right next to the one i was guarding! oooh, that made me sooooo angry. i was about to attack that awful gopher mound, but then my tummy rumbled again, and then i remembered that mom was making swedish meatballs tonight. oh boy, i loooooooove those meatballs even more than i can’t stand those dirty gopher mounds. so i quickly cleaned myself up and rushed inside for dinner.

i’ll get that gopher some other time.


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