A Duel At Sea.

here i am doing what i’m best at. i dream better when i sleep on my back. this afternoon i was cat-napping in the living room, lying on the cool hardwood floor, basking in the warm sun that came in thru the window.

i had an adventurous dream- i was on a sailboat out at sea, battling a gigantic swordfish. those things are scary, and i fought and fought with all my cat strength. i looked that fish straight in the eyes as i hooked  her by the tail. she pulled with all her might, and so did i. the sea was rough that day, my friend, but i was rougher. salt water slapped my face and dug into the wounds that my opponent’s sharp beak had made. but i didn’t give in.

i dream tough, and tough was what was needed to beat this devil of the deep sea! i was a mean fighting machine, and i pounded that fish with my paws until i cried in my sleep! i hit her and hit her, but she wouldn’t go down. then, a stroke of luck. just as she jumped high out of the water, aiming her spear right for my heart,  a gust of wind blew into the sail, which swung across the boat and whacked the dreadful fish. she landed in my boat and breathed her last breath. i sank to my knees, drenched and exhausted.

i was so pooped when i woke up that i immediately took another nap! this time i dreamed about dinner- i hoped mom was making spaghetti. she makes the best spicy meatballs!



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