A Scary Alligator!

i watched a nature show on tv with my family today. i had my favorite spot on the couch armrest, in my favorite position- all sprawled and stretched out. the tv show was about wild alligators. these alligators were humongous! and the man on the tv called them crocodiles, eventho they were really alligators.

well, when one of those alligators opened his mouth, i nearly lost one of my 9 lives! i never saw so many teeth before! that alligator had more teeth than my whole family and me put together! i sat right up and watched as those teeth slammed together. wham! oh boy, i wouldn’t want my tail in between those teeth!

but it got worse. the alligator disappeared under the water, right near a big buffalo that was drinking. watch out! i thought, but the buffalo kept right on drinking. i couldn’t bare to watch! i closed my eyes, and then i heard mom shrieking, and i knew the gator got him. it was unbearable. i just kept my eyes closed, and after a while i fell asleep.

i had a terrible dream that a alligator was chasing me. oh, it was too awful to tell- i’ll save that for another day. luckily when i woke up it was dinner time. dad made barbeque chicken! oh boy, that almost made me forget my bad dream. i ate so much i could barely climb back on the couch for another nap.


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