Stuck In A Dark Place

that bothersome gopher came back today. i was out for an afternoon stroll in the backyard when i discovered a new messy mound.  right away my afternoon was ruined! i thought for a moment about something to do. and while i was thinking, that gopher appeared with no warning at the top of the mound, which startled me terribly.

he stared right at me, and it made me feel very uncomfortable. and then he disappeared down the hole again. i knew  what i had to do, without even having to think about it, and i took off right after him into the mound.

good thing cats can see in the dark, because it was really dark in there.  i rushed after him. i rushed down the tunnel after that gopher, pushing dirt aside and kicking my powerful legs. after lots of running and digging i stopped for a rest, and i realized i had not gone anywhere. as a matter of fact, i was stuck. my belly was bigger than that tunnel, and there was no way i was going forward. so i decided to go backward. but that didn’t work either. i pulled and kicked and pushed with all my strength, but i was absolutely stuck!

if that gopher came back i would have died of embarrassment.  what kind of a guard-cat was i to get stuck like that? a scared one, that’s what! i meowed as loud as i could, and hoped that someone in my family found me. but no one came to my rescue.

i started getting hungry. and if that wasn’t bad enough, i needed to use my litter-box. how much worse could this get?! i struggled for what felt like hours! oh the agony. i don’t know if a whole day passed, or even a week. when you are down in an awful  place like that, time has no meaning. all nine of my lives passed before my eyes. i think i fainted at one point, and i slept for maybe a day.

i was about to give it all up, when my leg suddenly pulled free, and before i knew it i was up on the ground in the backyard! oh boy, it felt good to be alive. i raced inside the house to use my litter-box, and then it was dinner-time. scallops and linguini- one of my favorites!

i’ll worry about that gopher some other time. meow!


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