A Comic Book

frans is working on a comic book. i’m not sure what it is about, but here’s a small preview. it’s 2 guys fighting, is all i can tell. i see him working in his studio out by the backyard all the time. sometimes i go with him just to keep him company. he puts the radio on, or plays music when he’s there, but i think he gets lonely, so i go out there with him. i watch him work for a while, but it gets boring-he just sits there drawing and after a while i always dose off.

a bunch of disney animators are working on the comic book. i think it’s going to be called FLIP. i’m not sure why- maybe it’s because he sits there flipping his pencil in the air when he’s thinking about what to draw. whatever it is, i want to know what those guys are fighting for. i’ll have to sneak another sample soon.

i try to concentrate when i watch frans work, but my brain always drifts off, and always my thoughts end up about what’s for dinner. i think frans is barbequing chicken tonight. oh boy, he slaps on lots of barbeque sauce, which drips all over the place, so i stand right beside him to catch the drips. yummy! i can’t wait for dinner!


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