Those Pesky Squirrels Again!

i was taking a very nice cat-nap this afternoon in the shade of our avocado tree. i was dreaming a wonderful dream about another hotel vacation where the room-service brought me delicious food all day long, when something bonked on my head, and woke me instantly from my nice dream. beside me was a half-eaten avocado, and i knew immediately that those pesky squirrels were at it again.

i looked up into the tree, but i didn’t see the squirrels. my eyes scanned the branches as my brain tried to think of a plan of attack, but just then another avocado came flying toward me, like a bomb from an airplane in one of those war movies on tv. i jumped out of the way just in time!

then another avocado came down, and another! i got out of there quick. retreat! luckily the backdoor was open so i scampered inside. at last i was safe from the avocado bombs- those squirrels wouldn’t dare go in the house. i’m not afraid of the squirrels- it’s just that, well, one of these days i’ll catch one of them and teach them a lesson!

but for now i’ll just get ready for dinner. we’re having cobb salad with chunks of tuna, the water-packed kind! yummy!



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