A Splashy Misadventure

i went for a swim today. i didn’t really mean to. i was sunning myself on the backyard deck, and then a beautiful butterfly flew by. it was the most colorful butterfly i ever saw! i think it was a monarch butterfly, and i was so in awe that i got up and followed it.

it fluttered all over the backyard, and i trotted after it, until it flew over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. that’s the yard that the boxer dog lives. i can’t stand that mean old dog, but i heard his owner taking him out for a walk. from my many adventures i discovered a loose board in the fence, right near the corner, so i squeezed thru and went into the neighbor yard.

the coast was clear- the boxer was no where in sight, so i went on. i spotted the butterfly fluttering over some bushes, and i hurried over there. the monarch went up and circled around, and i followed it wherever it went. it was only a foot above me. rays from the sun shone right thru its wings, making the colors so vivid, i could hardly stand it.

well, i was looking up and i didn’t see the pool, and suddenly i was all wet, and sinking fast. i panicked right away. i was almost at the bottom of the pool, and i thought this kitty cat was meeting it’s end. i faintly saw the sun thru the top of the water as my lives past before my eyes again. i was so scared. i held my breath, but i started getting dizzy.

would this be this kitty’s final adventure? was this life number nine? find out next week for the rest of this story…


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