Tuxedo Cat

i was spread out in my usual spot on the couch armrest, watching an old movie on tv with my family. the movie was all black and white, just like me! there was a man dressed up in a fancy outfit, going to a big partywhere there were lots of gentlemen and ladies all dressed up really nice.

after a while i dozed off, and i started dreaming that i was a gentlecat going to a fancy-shmancy party. i was tap-dancing and showing off for all the lady cats, doing my moves and wooing the girls.

when i woke up my tummy was rumbling. i was hungry, and i smelled fishsticks and green beans cooking in the kitchen! oh boy, can’t wait for dinner!


Another Imposter

another fat cat pretending to  be me was in the newspaper this week! who does he think he is? i’ll let you decide who is the real fat cat. and meanwhile i’ll daydream about the asparagus ravioli we’re having for dinner tonight.




The wonderful, wonderful cat

Big-boned Felix has become a celebrity thanks to his owner’s children’s book.

August 19, 2011|By Kelly Corrigan, kelly.corrigan@latimes.com

Frans Vischer owns this 9-year-old, 27 lb.. cat, at his home in Glendale on Wednesday, May 18, 2011. Vischer, an illustrator for Disney, wrote and illustrated a children’s book about the adventures of a cat named “Fuddles” based on his cat. (Raul Roa/Staff Photographer)

At 27 pounds, 9-year-old Felix might be the heaviest cat in Glendale, and he’s a rising star in his own right. Felix’s personality inspired his owner, Glendale resident Frans Vischer, to write and illustrate the children’s book “Fuddles” based on him.

Adopted as a kitten, Felix has always been a big cat, Vischer said. He could never manage to jump the family’s backyard fence. He habitually digs into his full allotment of food before the Vischer family leaves the house for vacation.

As soon as towels are washed and folded — but before they’re placed in the cupboard — Felix finds a resting place on top of them. He’s notorious for curling up on the tummy of someone napping on the couch. To open doors, Felix leans his weight on push latches in the Vischers’ 1930s home.

On a late weekday morning, Felix sat atop Vischer’s couch arm with his front and hind legs splayed over the arm’s curve as Vischer told his own story.

He was just a boy when he fell in love with television cartoons. Born in Holland, he moved to Northern California at 11 without knowing a word of English. His consuming hobby, drawing, worried his mother, but her concern didn’t deter her from mailing some of his artwork to the Walt Disney Animation Studios when he was 12.

The head of the animation department responded, asking Vischer to visit if he was ever in Southern California. The following summer, Vischer arrived for his promised tour.

“I was blown away,” he said. “I walked through the whole studio. I thought, ‘This is it. This is what I want to do.’”

After attending California Institute of the Arts, Vischer was offered an animating job by Disney. He published the children’s book “Jimmy Dabble” in 2001, and his literary agent suggested he write a picture book.

Vischer didn’t immediately think of Felix, though he had often sketched his cat for fun in his backyard studio. But before long the subject for his new book became clear. “I observed him and thought, ‘There’s a story there,’” Vischer said.

He submitted dummy sketches with text that chronicled a day in Felix’s life: his routine, his food, his walks in the yard. His agent found it nice, but boring. Vischer busied himself again, crafting a story of an indoor cat named Fuddles, who, though pampered beyond belief, sneaks outside for outdoor adventures.

Outside, his obstacles multiply. Early on, Fuddles tries to catch a bird, but to no avail because “Last night’s pork chops weighed him down,” the story reads.

Emily Lawrence served as assistant editor on the book for Simon & Schuster, which published the book in May.

“I thought it was so charming,” Lawrence said. “It was exactly what I had been charged to look for and acquire.”

Her colleagues agreed.

“It’s easy to pore over the pages over and over,” she said. “That’s what you want in a picture book — to be able to read it again and again and find something new and enjoy it.

Fuddles’ adventures are not over yet. Vischer signed a two-book deal, and Felix, whom Vischer calls “Big Boy” most of the time, remains an inspiration.

But he always was. When Once Upon a Time Bookstore in Montrose held a signing for Vischer, the staff invited him to bring Felix, who received more attention than the book, Vischer recalled. He was used to it, though. Whenever friends and family come to visit, they are quick to ask the whereabouts of Felix, “the real star,” as Vischer puts it.






Some Kitty Doodles

here are some doodles frans did of me. he just watches me sleep, or eat, or doing all the things i do, and then he scribbles on his drawing pad. i don’t know why he finds this interesting, but it seems to make him happy.

i find food much more interesting. and it makes me really happy! we’re having tai food tonight. chicken pad tai is one of the yummiest things in the whole world! i can’t wait for dinner!


Comic Book Three

here are some more panels from frans’ pages for the FLIP! comic book. a big-shot movie executive’s two assistants shoot it out with their cellphones, trying to beat each other to calling a new director for their boss. this poor guy lost.

i’d love to hear some comments from you all. let me know what you are working on too. or send me links to other sites with fun and interesting visuals.

i’m working on a big appetite. dad is barbequing ribs today. oh boy! he uses a really spicy bbq sauce from a bottle that has a picture of a bull with big horns on it. i can smell it now already.


Bothersome Bumble Bees

i was taking a really nice cat-nap in a flowerbed in the yard. the anthericums smell like sweet perfume, and as i sniffed the aroma i nodded off to sleep. i was dreaming a wonderful dream, (which i’ve completely forgotten,) when something rudely woke me up. i was totally disoriented, and i didn’t know where i was.

then something buzzed behind me, so i turned and saw that it was a bumble bee on a dandalion. i leaned forward to take a closer look. the bumble bee was buzzing back and forth and making a very loud noise, in a very frightening way, so i quickly moved to a geranium rose. in case the bumble bee came after me i pretended to sniff the rose, but there was a bumble bee in the rose as well!

i thought, hey, i was here first! this is my family’s yard, and i’m here to protect the yard! i was about to tell that bumble bee a thing or two, when another bumble bee came by. and then another! suddenly there were bumble bees everywhere! the whole yard was buzzing with bumble bees! it was a bumble bee invasion! there must have been a thousand of them, and only one of me!

i had to warn my family, so i raced into the  house and into the living room, but nobody was there, so i went to the playroom but nobody was there either! the bathroom was empty, and so was dad’s office. then i smelled something yummy. meatballs. i raced to the kitchen, and there was mom, making her special spaghetti and meatballs. it was almost dinner time, and the aroma was so yummy, and my tummy was rumbling.

mom gave me a meatball and i forgot all about the bumble bees.


Comicbook Two

here is another post from the comic-book frans is working on with some other disney animators. the book will be called FLIP, and it’s coming out soon!

frans’ story is about 2 assistants of a big movie studio boss. the assistants try to knock each other out to be the boss’ only assistant. like 2 cowboys they have kind of a gunfight with their cell-phones.  it’s called “Cellular Shoot-out.”

just watching frans work is making me hungry! mom is making a fruit salad with goat cheese and walnuts and mozzarella.  i’m trying not to think too much about it because that just makes me even more hungry…


Dress Up Time

the kids dressed me up today. they like to do that- it makes them laugh. i’m not sure why. they just try one outfit after another, first a nightgown, then a sweater and a bowler hat, or a tie and suspenders. they even did a tutu and a floppy thing on my head. i go along with it if it makes them happy.

after they get an outfit on me, they stand back and take pictures, and then they laugh. one outfit they put a magnifying glass between my paws, a checkered old-fashioned english hat on my head and a pipe in my mouth. they kept saying, “my dear watson,” and “by jove, i think you’ve got it,” and they thought that was really funny.

while the kids laughed and dressed me,  i just thought about dinner. delicious aromas kept wafting past my nose. mom was in the kitchen making chicken ravioli in a mushroom sauce. yummy yummy! and there’s cheesecake for dessert! oh boy, they can dress me all they want, i’ll look forward to dinner!


A Flying Adventure

i had a dream that i was flying, way up in the sky with the birdies. they looked at me kind of funny, wondering what a fat pussy cat was doing way up there. but i didn’t care. i had goggles on to keep the dirt out of my eyes, and some pillow cases tied to my legs to catch the wind. and i had a shirt tied to my tail to help me navigate thru the air.

i was moving good! my whiskers fluttered in the wind, and my ears flapped  around as the air whistled thru them. all the houses and people below looked so small. i tried to find my own house, but everything was too small. then i noticed the houses were getting bigger. they kept getting bigger, and then i realized that i was falling. i flapped my legs and moved my tail to steer me upward, but it didn’t help.

i was dropping fast. the houses and trees and bushes were so close. i was about to plop into them, and i meowed loudly, and then i sat up and i realized i was on my pillow on the couch. boy oh boy, that was scary stuff! i’m glad pussy cats can’t fly. i’ll leave that for the birdies. i’d much rather stay down here and get my dinner every night. and tonight we’re having chicken ravioli in mushroom sauce with lots of parmesan cheese!


A Splashy Misadventure part 2

so after chasing that butterfly and falling in the neighbor’s pool, i was under water and sinking all the way to the bottom, somehow i started rising. i kicked and pushed with my legs, and the top of the water came closer and all of a sudden i was above the water and i could breathe again. what a relief! i bobbed around in the water, going up and down, and then i swallowed a big gulp of water.

well, i forgot all about that butterfly. all i could think about was getting out of the water and on the ground. i splished and splashed and flipped and flopped, and i managed to reach the side of the pool. but the edge  was too high and i couldn’t climb out! the tiles were so slippery that my paws slid right over them. i tried and tried, but i kept flopping back into the water.

then i noticed some steps, all the way on the other side of the pool. it was a long swim there, but i had no choice. sometimes a kitty cat has to do what a kitty cat has to do. so this kitty cat started paddling. it was a matter of life and death! i paddled hard and fast, kicking and pushing and splashing. the going was hard, but i kept going. after a little while i was moving pretty well. i even enjoyed it a bit. the sun was shining on me, and the water was very refreshing.

pretty soon i reached the steps, but i stayed in the water a little longer swimming in circles. but then i heard that darn boxer dog bark out front. i had to get out of there quick! as fast as i could i paddled to the steps. i scrambled to the top and sprinted to the fence. i made it just as the boxer entered the yard. i hurried thru the gap as he barked behind me. he’s too big to squeeze thru the gap, so i just giggled and stuck my tongue out at him.

well, what an adventure! and my timing was great-dad was right there barbequing burgers! i was so hungry that i gulped down my entire bleu cheese burger in four bites. yummy yummy!