A Splashy Misadventure part 2

so after chasing that butterfly and falling in the neighbor’s pool, i was under water and sinking all the way to the bottom, somehow i started rising. i kicked and pushed with my legs, and the top of the water came closer and all of a sudden i was above the water and i could breathe again. what a relief! i bobbed around in the water, going up and down, and then i swallowed a big gulp of water.

well, i forgot all about that butterfly. all i could think about was getting out of the water and on the ground. i splished and splashed and flipped and flopped, and i managed to reach the side of the pool. but the edge  was too high and i couldn’t climb out! the tiles were so slippery that my paws slid right over them. i tried and tried, but i kept flopping back into the water.

then i noticed some steps, all the way on the other side of the pool. it was a long swim there, but i had no choice. sometimes a kitty cat has to do what a kitty cat has to do. so this kitty cat started paddling. it was a matter of life and death! i paddled hard and fast, kicking and pushing and splashing. the going was hard, but i kept going. after a little while i was moving pretty well. i even enjoyed it a bit. the sun was shining on me, and the water was very refreshing.

pretty soon i reached the steps, but i stayed in the water a little longer swimming in circles. but then i heard that darn boxer dog bark out front. i had to get out of there quick! as fast as i could i paddled to the steps. i scrambled to the top and sprinted to the fence. i made it just as the boxer entered the yard. i hurried thru the gap as he barked behind me. he’s too big to squeeze thru the gap, so i just giggled and stuck my tongue out at him.

well, what an adventure! and my timing was great-dad was right there barbequing burgers! i was so hungry that i gulped down my entire bleu cheese burger in four bites. yummy yummy!



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