A Flying Adventure

i had a dream that i was flying, way up in the sky with the birdies. they looked at me kind of funny, wondering what a fat pussy cat was doing way up there. but i didn’t care. i had goggles on to keep the dirt out of my eyes, and some pillow cases tied to my legs to catch the wind. and i had a shirt tied to my tail to help me navigate thru the air.

i was moving good! my whiskers fluttered in the wind, and my ears flapped  around as the air whistled thru them. all the houses and people below looked so small. i tried to find my own house, but everything was too small. then i noticed the houses were getting bigger. they kept getting bigger, and then i realized that i was falling. i flapped my legs and moved my tail to steer me upward, but it didn’t help.

i was dropping fast. the houses and trees and bushes were so close. i was about to plop into them, and i meowed loudly, and then i sat up and i realized i was on my pillow on the couch. boy oh boy, that was scary stuff! i’m glad pussy cats can’t fly. i’ll leave that for the birdies. i’d much rather stay down here and get my dinner every night. and tonight we’re having chicken ravioli in mushroom sauce with lots of parmesan cheese!


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