Dress Up Time

the kids dressed me up today. they like to do that- it makes them laugh. i’m not sure why. they just try one outfit after another, first a nightgown, then a sweater and a bowler hat, or a tie and suspenders. they even did a tutu and a floppy thing on my head. i go along with it if it makes them happy.

after they get an outfit on me, they stand back and take pictures, and then they laugh. one outfit they put a magnifying glass between my paws, a checkered old-fashioned english hat on my head and a pipe in my mouth. they kept saying, “my dear watson,” and “by jove, i think you’ve got it,” and they thought that was really funny.

while the kids laughed and dressed me,  i just thought about dinner. delicious aromas kept wafting past my nose. mom was in the kitchen making chicken ravioli in a mushroom sauce. yummy yummy! and there’s cheesecake for dessert! oh boy, they can dress me all they want, i’ll look forward to dinner!



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