Bothersome Bumble Bees

i was taking a really nice cat-nap in a flowerbed in the yard. the anthericums smell like sweet perfume, and as i sniffed the aroma i nodded off to sleep. i was dreaming a wonderful dream, (which i’ve completely forgotten,) when something rudely woke me up. i was totally disoriented, and i didn’t know where i was.

then something buzzed behind me, so i turned and saw that it was a bumble bee on a dandalion. i leaned forward to take a closer look. the bumble bee was buzzing back and forth and making a very loud noise, in a very frightening way, so i quickly moved to a geranium rose. in case the bumble bee came after me i pretended to sniff the rose, but there was a bumble bee in the rose as well!

i thought, hey, i was here first! this is my family’s yard, and i’m here to protect the yard! i was about to tell that bumble bee a thing or two, when another bumble bee came by. and then another! suddenly there were bumble bees everywhere! the whole yard was buzzing with bumble bees! it was a bumble bee invasion! there must have been a thousand of them, and only one of me!

i had to warn my family, so i raced into the  house and into the living room, but nobody was there, so i went to the playroom but nobody was there either! the bathroom was empty, and so was dad’s office. then i smelled something yummy. meatballs. i raced to the kitchen, and there was mom, making her special spaghetti and meatballs. it was almost dinner time, and the aroma was so yummy, and my tummy was rumbling.

mom gave me a meatball and i forgot all about the bumble bees.



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