Fuddles by Ella

here is a nice drawing that a girl named ella made. i look so dignified, (except for that belly,) but i’ll ignore that. the pose suggests a cat comfortable in his own fur. yet the posture, the placement and angle of the right hind-leg, and above all, the upturned tail,  suggests an inner turmoil, an unease in the subject. what is in his mind, one asks? what contemplation, what troubling thoughts? perhaps a concern for his fellow feline?

the earnest, piercing eyes, the far away gaze, really captures the pensive mood. the slight turn of the head that says that all is not well. however, the fish held so gingerly in the right paw gives hope, ultimately leaving the viewer with a sense of optimism.

actually, i was probably thinking about dinner. which reminds me, we’re having chicken tenders glazed with marmalade tonight! oh boy, i’m licking my chops already!


West Hollywood Book Fair

frans is going to the west hollywood book fair this sunday, october 2nd, reading and signing fuddles! i wish i could go too, but pampered kitties like me would probably get lost in the crowd, and then i’d be wandering for hours and hours, getting hungrier and grumpier all the time. and i’d be really far from my litter-box!

maybe it’s better i just stay home and take a long catnap and dream about all the fun people at the fair. and i could dream about dinner- we’re having fish fillets with mushrooms in orange sauce tonight! who needs that book fair anyway!


Gardener Fuddles

now i’m a gardener. i grow all sorts of goodies- not the usual stuff like tomatoes and carrots. i grow parsley root, bulb fennel and radishes. parsnips and paddypan squash and snake cucumber. i even tried ichiban eggplant just because it sounds like ichabod crane!

i don’t know what any of it is, but i like the names so i just plant it in the dirt and see what comes out. when they’re grown i dig them up toss them all on a big platter, mix in a bunch of garlic and alfalfa sprouts and drench it with bleu cheese dressing. can you say  yummy?!


Comic Book 4

here is another peek at the animators’ comic book. the big cheese executive enters a screening room, while his assistants duke it out.

i wouldn’t mind having big cheese right now. last week we had a big cheese fondue with shredded swiss cheese and a little bit of mustard and a pinch of nutmeg. and a big, french bread. oh boy that was yummy! now i can’t stop thinking about dinner tonight!


Wine Guru Fuddles

i’m a wine-taster guy! i stand around with my eyes half closed, shaking elegant glasses and sniffing this red stuff inside. i don’t really smell anything, but i pretend to. and then i make a big fuss and an awful expression and i say something like, “you call this wine? i say this is pig-slop! next!!” or i may say something nice, like, “this is really sweet, like the milk  mom used to make.”

and then i try another glass, and i do the same thing again. sometimes i go a little over-board and spit the stuff out, shouting, “who is in charge here?! why are you giving me this sewer-water?!! give me something with character and a little body, for heaven’s sake!”

i have no idea what i’m talking about, but it’s a lot of fun pretending. hey, i smell something… pizza! we’re having pizza with smoked chicken and gorgonzola and dried tomatoes, and a hint of garlic! when mom bakes it at just the right temperature, there’s a barely detectable mischief in the flavor, a hint of full-bodied citrus acidity that punctures the taste-buds and leaves a delicate aftertaste!


Soccer Star Fuddles

now i’m a soccer star! i run and jump like the greatest athletes on the planet,  running like a cheetah with the ball at my feet and kicking the ball between those big posts and into the net. when i do that i celebrate by taking my shirt off and tossing it into the crowd of adoring fans.

when the game is over i go into the locker room and gobble down a big bowl of linguini with shrimp in a pesto sauce. yummy! it’s making me hungry already!


Fireman Fuddles

now i’m a fireman, fearlessly battling a big bad blaze!  nothing frightens me as i attack the fire and put it out, and i become the hero. maybe they’ll have a parade in my honor- and give me all sorts of yummy eats!

hey, i smell some yummy eats cooking right now! oh boy, i think we’re having egg and bacon pie tonight!


Cowboy Fuddles

now i’m a cowboy with two six-shooters and a ten-gallon hat. watch out bad guys, cowboy fuddles is in town, and this is a one-cat town! i’ll ride you right out of town on my trusty steed! i would probably need a ladder to get on my horse, but that’s alright…

and after i run those bad hombres out of town, i’ll go to the saloon to see my gal and have a lemonade in one of those tall glasses with the sudsy stuff going over the top.

hey, i smell dinner cooking! maybe mom is making grits tonight! cowboys love grits! i don’t even know what grits are actually, but i bet they’re really yummy!