Fuddles by Ella

here is a nice drawing that a girl named ella made. i look so dignified, (except for that belly,) but i’ll ignore that. the pose suggests a cat comfortable in his own fur. yet the posture, the placement and angle of the right hind-leg, and above all, the upturned tail,  suggests an inner turmoil, an unease in the subject. what is in his mind, one asks? what contemplation, what troubling thoughts? perhaps a concern for his fellow feline?

the earnest, piercing eyes, the far away gaze, really captures the pensive mood. the slight turn of the head that says that all is not well. however, the fish held so gingerly in the right paw gives hope, ultimately leaving the viewer with a sense of optimism.

actually, i was probably thinking about dinner. which reminds me, we’re having chicken tenders glazed with marmalade tonight! oh boy, i’m licking my chops already!


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