Kneading and feeding.

i love lounging on a bed, sucking and chewing on a freshly washed shirt or a blanket. i’m not sure why, but i think it reminds me of mom. i scratch a little with my paws, and then i start purring. nothing beats that. well, except maybe a bowl of mongolian beef with chopped garlic and green unions.

hmm mmm! can’t wait till dinner!


Artist Fuddles

i’m a painter. i wear a fancy artist cap and splosh paint all over myself and on the ground and on the easel. some paint even lands on the canvas! i always look very serious when i paint, because painting is serious stuff, and real artists always look very serious, like they have big serious thoughts in their heads.

i have lots of serious  thoughts, like what’s for dinner tonight. i concentrate really hard as i paint because tonight it’s tuna casserole with noodles and parmesan on a creamy mushroom sauce.


Anchorcat Fuddles

i’m an anchorcat. i sit behind a big desk looking prim and proper and pretending to be smart as i talk about whatever is going on in the big wide world.  i’m supposed to read whatever it says on a piece of paper that they hand me, and i pretend that i understand it perfectly. but i can’t even read, so i just chat about the news that matters to me, like what’s for dinner tonight.

and the news is that we’re having angel hair pasta with shrimp and sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese! what more news is there to talk about? i say yummy to that!


Policeman Fuddles

i’m a police officer, taking a well-deserved break from saving lives and keeping law and order. i’m on my feet all day long, chasing bad guys, stopping traffic so old ladies can cross the street, and making sure my beat stays safe.

just this morning i foiled a bank robbery. 3 suspicious-looking characters entered our local bank where our good citizens keep their hard-earned money, so i followed them in. i thought they were suspicious because they wore halloween masks, and it isn’t halloween yet. i can’t be fooled that easily!

i told them to reach for the sky, (even though we were inside the bank,) and i patted them down and took their weapons. i could have called for back-ups, but  i could handle them by myself. the biggest one thought he was a tough guy and tried to sucker punch me out. but i jumped aside and rabbit punched him in the gut and sent him crashing to the carpet.

so now i’m talking a break. i have to fortify myself, because there are more bad guys to take down and peple to save, and dinner is a long way off. we’re having irish stew- any cop’s favorite!