An Author’s Event

here is frans at an author’s event, all celebrating their recently published books. frans is way in the back, holding fuddles.

looks like lots of fun! but where’s the food? i’d rather have a fondue party, or a cheese-tasting party. now that’s a party i’d like to go to! now i’m getting hungry just thinking about it. tonight’s italian sausage with angel hair pasta and sun-dried tomatoes. now that sounds like a party!


From Publishers Weekly.

More than two dozen authors and illustrators appeared at Once Upon a Time Bookstore in Montrose, Calif., last Thursday for the first SCBWI-LA PALpalooza. Among the PAL (published and listed) members in attendance were (l. to r., standing), Ann Tinnin (Sorcerer of Sainte Felice), SCBWI executive director and author Lin Oliver, Antoinette Portis (Princess Super Kitty), Frans Vischer (Fuddles), Marilee Burton (Artists at Work), Naomi Howland (Princess Says Goodnight), Marianne Wallace (the America’s Ecosystems series), Carol M. Tanzman (Dancergirl), Katherine Easer (Vicious Little Darlings), and Theo Baker (Sound Bender). Front row, l. to r., Greg Trine (the Melvin Beederman series), James Burks (Gabby & Gator), Denise Doyen (Once Upon a Twice), and Candace Ryan (Ribbit Rabbit).

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