Happy New Year!!

happy new year’s parties, everyone!

i’m gonna eat lots of pistachio nuts and crackers with brea and goat cheese, salami, pizza, pickles, black-eyed pees, herring, and i don’t know what else!


Joy To The World!

here is an old christmas card frans made with the characters from his first book, jimmy dabble. looks like fun, caroling in the snow! i bet that brings on a real appetite.

while i’m on the subject of food, we’re having one of my all-time favorites tonight- roast duck stuffed with chopped apples and grapes! i could sing about that all day long! and i know how much my family loves to hear me sing- they make such a fuss when i do. they always set me outside on the backyard porch so the neighbors can hear my singing too.


Rock Star Fuddles

i’m a rock star! the kids play their instruments with the tv on and the music blaring. it looks so easy to me- i think i can do that too. i can even sing like them. sometimes i practice in the house really loud, and mom likes it so much that she puts me outside in the backyard so i can sing for the squirrels in the trees.

singing for a few hours really builds up an appetite, and then i take a nap and dream about dinner. tonight we’re having thai shrimp in a coconut sauce. oh boy!


More School Visits

here are some more pictures from frans’ visit to valley christian elementary school in bellflower california. the kids are intently watching frans draw. all that drawing he does looks like a lot of work to me. i get sleepy just thinking about it. i often go with him into his studio and while he draws and draws i stretch out on the rug by the door and contemplate what’s for dinner.

tonight it’s italian sausage with macaroni and cheese and just a touch of parmesan!

chiao. meow.

School visit

frans is visiting schools, drawing and signing books for the kids. he always lets them decide what he should draw. i guess somebody was thinking about thanksgiving- just look at that silly drawing of me chasing a turkey! that was in the 2nd grade class room at valley christian school in bellflower.

speaking of thanksgiving, boy did i pig-out! stuffing, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, and a big drumstick turkeyleg! topped off with 3 servings of pumpkin pie! we had a house full of people, so i dragged my over-stuffed body off to a quiet corner for a nice long nap.


Sketchbook doodles

here are some sketchbook doodles from frans. that guy draws all the time. these drawings are of people from his job at the disney studio. i guess they have meetings where the artists pretend to take notes, but they draw each other instead.

i’m not good at drawing. i’m good at taking naps and eating. i’m even better at dreaming about eating during my naps. i was dreaming about duck a l’orange with pommes frites and mayonnaise on the side.


Speedster Fuddles

i’m a race car driver! i speed thru the house chasing other cars and passing them by. i’m an expert driver, narrowly missing table and chair legs, zooming around lego structures, and leaping over power chords.

the kids watch me in awe. they stand there holding these little boxes with long, narrow sticks pointing out of them. they turn knobs, and point the boxes at the cars pretending to steer them, when really it’s me doing all the great driving! some times i smash into a wall, and then the other car smashes into me. it doesn’t really hurt. race car drivers are a tough breed.

i just get back into the race because it’s never over until the fat cat sings- and i’m not singing yet!  but all that zipping around works up a hefty appetizer. race car drivers need lots of energy. i’m talking spaghetti with meatballs and a rich tomato sauce and french bread!