Speedster Fuddles

i’m a race car driver! i speed thru the house chasing other cars and passing them by. i’m an expert driver, narrowly missing table and chair legs, zooming around lego structures, and leaping over power chords.

the kids watch me in awe. they stand there holding these little boxes with long, narrow sticks pointing out of them. they turn knobs, and point the boxes at the cars pretending to steer them, when really it’s me doing all the great driving! some times i smash into a wall, and then the other car smashes into me. it doesn’t really hurt. race car drivers are a tough breed.

i just get back into the race because it’s never over until the fat cat sings- and i’m not singing yet!  but all that zipping around works up a hefty appetizer. race car drivers need lots of energy. i’m talking spaghetti with meatballs and a rich tomato sauce and french bread!


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