Catnapping Kitty

just looking at this kitty makes me want to take a nap. he looks so comfortable, stretched out or all squished up on a comfy couch.

that’s it, i’m taking a nap too! then i’ll be all set for tonight’s fried chicken with coleslaw and gravy and bisquits!


Another Fuddles Review!

Fuddles by Fran Vischer

You know a book is good when you have to share it. Fuddles by Fran Vischer is a fun picture book about a fat and pampered cat who decided his life needed adventure. As soon as I finished reading Fuddles, I turned to my husband and immediately read it aloud to him. We were outside in our yard eating lunch when I read it, but I didn’t care who heard me. Fuddles is that good. For one thing, it’s about a spoiled cat; my husband and I have one of those. For another thing, I love the playful style:

But Mom had other ideas. “You’re not allowed to go outside,” she said. Mom said no?!
Fuddles could not believe his ears. He had never been told no in his life. Why couldn’t he go outside now?

Then there is the artwork. I don’t feel necessarily feel qualified to evaluate the illustrations, but those in Fuddles are so clearly perfect that I don’t have any qualms about saying that they are colorful and fun with lots of personality. The facial expressions and the postures that our hero assumes show how he feels about his decision to seek adventure, mom’s reaction to that decision, and to the adventures themselves.  Speaking of Fuddles’ adventures, I love those too. For example, when Fuddles decides to show some squirrels just who will have the last laugh, he pushes and pulls and strains and struggles. Then he realizes that couches are easier to climb than trees.  Fran Vischer’s own cat inspired this hilarious tale, which means hopefully we can expect many more tales about the lovable Fuddles.

My rating? Bag it: Carry it with you. Make it a top priority to read.                                                                                                                                         

from Allison’s Book Bag


mewow! thanks for the nice review allison!  one small problem with the missing S in frans, but i’m so happy i could purr!

one problem there, purring makes me hungry, and we’re having fried pork chops with garlic and celery seeds tonight!


Tweety & Fuddles

i had a dream that there was a birdy in the house. it lived in a nice cage that hung from the ceiling, and the little yellow birdy inside looked so delicious that i had to find a way to get at it. so i climbed on a chair and hopped on a cabinet and then i made a big leap right on to the birdycage. when the birdy saw me it said, “i taut i taw a putty tat!”

i have no idea what a putty tat is, but from then on everything went wrong. the cage swung back and forth and forth and back and back and forth, on and on, and i got really dizzy. then i got sick and i dropped to the floor with a very upset tummy.

then i woke up and i smelled bacon and eggs and cheese cooking in the kitchen, and i got  really hungry. we’re having quiche lorraine tonight!


Gulliver Fuddles

i had a terrible nightmare. i was taking a nice nap when suddenly a whole bunch of mice attacked me with a long rope. and after they had me all tied down so i couldn’t move, they climbed up on my belly with table cloths and picnic baskets, and then they sat down and had a big party. right on top of me!

they had salami and swiss cheese on croissants,  and french bread with mayonnaise and brea and goose pate. and apple sauce and fruit yoghurt. and all i could do was watch! it was awful!

i woke up in a cold sweat, and i realized that i was on the couch, and there weren’t any mice around at all! what a relief! then i smelled a delicious odor coming from the kitchen, and i remembered that we’re having pea soup tonight! yummy yummy! that sounds so good, i think i’ll take another nap and dream about it.


there was a really funny bunny on tv dressed like a viking lady and singing and prancing on a couch at the top of a bunch of steps. a little guy with a helmet and a spear started chasing the bunny. he was singing too.

i liked it so i started singing and prancing too. i jumped all over the couch singing really high-pitched and loud. it was beautiful! my family really liked it too. they put me  outside right away so i could sing for the whole neighborhood.

i’ll keep singing for a while and then i’ll take a nap and dream about dinner. i’m hoping for rabbit stew tonight, with a little paprika and worcestershire sauce.


Sticky popcorn!

the kids left a giant bag of popcorn for me when they finished watching a movie. i love popcorn, so i dove right into the bag and started chowing down! but this popcorn was different. it tasted sweet, and it was really crunchy. yummy yummy! i gobbled it up as quick as I could, but there was one little problem- this stuff was sticky!

i got it stuck all over my fur! and when i tried to lick it off, it only got stuck more. i guess my family will have to give me a nice bath. i love baths, especially bubble baths.

for now i’ll just take a catnap and dream about tonight’s dinner. we’re having pan-fried pork chops with broccoli and brown rice!


Fuddles In Top Ten List!

well, i may be a fat cat, but i don’t think i’m a spoiled cat! who write these things anyway? who cares about these lists? i don’t. i just care about dinner, and tonight i’m getting chicken in a mustard mascarpone marsala sauce!

oh boy!