Gulliver Fuddles

i had a terrible nightmare. i was taking a nice nap when suddenly a whole bunch of mice attacked me with a long rope. and after they had me all tied down so i couldn’t move, they climbed up on my belly with table cloths and picnic baskets, and then they sat down and had a big party. right on top of me!

they had salami and swiss cheese on croissants,  and french bread with mayonnaise and brea and goose pate. and apple sauce and fruit yoghurt. and all i could do was watch! it was awful!

i woke up in a cold sweat, and i realized that i was on the couch, and there weren’t any mice around at all! what a relief! then i smelled a delicious odor coming from the kitchen, and i remembered that we’re having pea soup tonight! yummy yummy! that sounds so good, i think i’ll take another nap and dream about it.


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