Tweety & Fuddles

i had a dream that there was a birdy in the house. it lived in a nice cage that hung from the ceiling, and the little yellow birdy inside looked so delicious that i had to find a way to get at it. so i climbed on a chair and hopped on a cabinet and then i made a big leap right on to the birdycage. when the birdy saw me it said, “i taut i taw a putty tat!”

i have no idea what a putty tat is, but from then on everything went wrong. the cage swung back and forth and forth and back and back and forth, on and on, and i got really dizzy. then i got sick and i dropped to the floor with a very upset tummy.

then i woke up and i smelled bacon and eggs and cheese cooking in the kitchen, and i got  really hungry. we’re having quiche lorraine tonight!



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