Grandma reads Fuddles

this grandma is reading fuddles to her granddaughter. how nice. i hope all grandmas read fuddles to their grand kids! or they can just show this video. i hope you all enjoy it!

i’m thinking about enjoying lunch. we’re having linguini with clams! oh boy, i’m so excited and hungry i could jump and meow.


Gymnast Fuddles

i’m a gymnast. well, in my dreams… i climb all over the furniture, stretching my tip-top shape body. my bulging muscles propel me over the standing lamp onto the couch. sometimes i somersault across the coffee table, landing perfectly upright on my tippytoes  on the rug. or i  slide down the stairs hand-rail, bounce off the wall and lightly touch down on the comfy chair.

i get so hungry dreaming up all that gymnastic stuff. so then i dream about dinner- tonight’s macaroni and cheese, with mustard powder and creamy cheese sauce!


Sticky ribbon

this morning i found a string of ribbon to play with and it got stuck to my paw. i tried and tried to get rid of it, but it was really sticky. i ran all thru the house to get it loose but it kept on sticking. i got so mad! and it was making my paw really icky, so i started licking my paw clean, and suddenly that darn ribbon just came loose.

i was happy, except that it almost ruined my whole day. i was so tuckered out i had to take a big long catnap. and then i woke up to the delicious smell of lobster  soup. mm mm! mom makes it with chopped carrots, thyme and a bit of cognac, whatever that is. but it makes a great meal and i licked my bowl clean 3 times to get it all.

it was so good it  made me forget all about that annoying ribbon from this morning. hey! now i’m thinking about it again! darn!


Fuddles goes to the dentist

fuddles sighting! kitties need teeth-cleaning too, so i went to the dentist. it was okay, except for the flossing. i don’t like to floss. i often lose part of the string in my mouth, and then the next day it ends up in my littler box!

the dentist read my story while i gurgled and spat and rinsed my mouth out. he was quite amused, especially by the food that my family spoils me with. he told me to eat less sweets, but that only made me hungry. we’re having pasta tonight, with garlic shrimp, parsley and green onions! that will take some flossing to clean… well, maybe tomorrow night.


Won’t You Be My Valentine?

i got a special valentine’s day breakfast this morning- smoked salmon on french toast, with tartar sauce and sweet potatoes. what a way to start the day! it made me want to sing, so i did. as loud as i could. and my family immediately let me outside so i could share my happiness with the birds and the squirrels and the butterflies.


Gumshoe Fuddles

my family and i watched a movie about a detective. he kissed lots of ladies and punched a bunch of tough guys. i don’t know how the movie ended because i snoozed off and had a dream that i was a tough guy gumshoe, even though i didn’t have any gum on my shoes. i didn’t even have shoes!

i was hired to break up a mouse syndicate that had cornered the swiss cheese market. i snuck into their hide-out and got the drop on their leader, the big cheese. he and his gal, camembert, were having swiss cheese fondue. the cheese made his fingers sticky, so i had my colt 45 on his mug before he got his smith & wesson. he tried to be a wiseguy, so i socked him in his puss and he dropped like a sack of cat chow. i got rid of the girl and ate the fondue, and then i went home.


George Fuddleston

i had  a nice warm bath today and it put me in a great mood for a catnap. i dreamed i was a famous adventurer, by george!  i fought big battles and crossed wide rivers and took long trips through the snow and rain. it was really tiring, and now i’m awake and i’m really hungry.

tonight’s polish sausage with garlic powder and parsley and beans. oh boy, that’ll keep me going for a while!


Bring on the kids!

that frans is just keeping busy reading my book to kids. he should take me along and i can just show them what i do- all the hard training i did to prepare for my adventures. i can show them how i climb chairs and jump from bookcases and all sorts of fancy stuff.

boy, thinking about all that activity is making me hungry. i don’t know what’s for dinner, but i’ve been dreaming about clam chowder. it’s kind of messy when i eat that- i always need a bath after clam chowder because it gets all over my fur, and then i’m a big sticky mess.