Sticky ribbon

this morning i found a string of ribbon to play with and it got stuck to my paw. i tried and tried to get rid of it, but it was really sticky. i ran all thru the house to get it loose but it kept on sticking. i got so mad! and it was making my paw really icky, so i started licking my paw clean, and suddenly that darn ribbon just came loose.

i was happy, except that it almost ruined my whole day. i was so tuckered out i had to take a big long catnap. and then i woke up to the delicious smell of lobster  soup. mm mm! mom makes it with chopped carrots, thyme and a bit of cognac, whatever that is. but it makes a great meal and i licked my bowl clean 3 times to get it all.

it was so good it  made me forget all about that annoying ribbon from this morning. hey! now i’m thinking about it again! darn!



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