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  1. I really like your book about Fuddles. I have two cats, Abby and Reese. Abby purrs when I rub her. Reecy is the scary cat. Reecy likes my Daddy. Abby likes my Mommy and me. Write another book about Fuddles.

    My grandmother brought me your book.

    From Molly

    • hi molly, thanks for writing!
      and i’m glad you like fuddles! our cat at home is actually called felix. when i started working on fuddles i wanted to call him felix, but there is a cartoon character called felix the cat, (who our felix is named after,) so i came up with fuddles. we also have a puppy named jessie. she’s very energetic, and she wants to play with felix all the time, but felix would rather take naps all day.
      i am working on another fuddles book right now. it will be called “a fuddles christmas,” but it won’t be in stores until a year from now. so look out for it next year- it’s funnier than the first book!
      take care, and write again sometime about abby and reese.

  2. Fuddles is the BEST!! I love the book to pieces. Your illustrations remind me a lot of Bill Peet’s, whose books my mom read to me all the time when I was little and I absolutely adore. I’m happy to know that there will be another Fuddles book next year. 🙂 Have you ever thought of making short cartoons like Simon’s Cat? I’m sure they take a bit of time to create, but how fantastic they would be!! Keep up the great work! (My lazy fatty’s name is Atticus, aka Fatticus)

    • Thank you so much, Erin! It’s humbling to be compared to Bill Peet. I love his books too, and he was and still is definitely an inspiration to me. I’d love to do a Fuddles short film. At the moment I don’t have time, but the idea has certainly been floating around in my head. Right now I’m planning another animated book trailer for next year’s Fuddles Christmas book. Take good car of Fatticus!

  3. Hallo Frans,
    Wij kijken altijd uit naar je nieuwe post.
    Het tovert steeds weer een lach op ons gezicnt.



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