Father’s Follies- May 11 & 12!

frans and a bunch of verdugo woodlands elementary school dads are dressing up as ladies to dance in a big show! they’ve been rehearsing for weeks for a big fundraiser for the school. frans did this year’s poster, joining a long list of artists that contributed to the tradition started in 1948, including several former disney studio artists.

cats don’t dance, so i don’t dance. dancing with 2 feet is easy, but try dancing with 4 paws! now that’s a challenge, and a work-out! and it just makes me hungry. i’m hungry right now. good thing too- it’s pizza night! my favorite is smoked salmon pizza, with sliced red onion,  and  rapeseed oil. i like anchovies too!


One thought on “Father’s Follies- May 11 & 12!

  1. Hey Frans…..This is pretty much what you do every weekend anyway…..Might as well make an event out of it so it seems legit! 😉 Good luck! Hope it’s a huge success. Just remember to take off the dress before you head to work Monday.

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