Fuddles gets honor book award!

Over 20,000 regional children help choose the 2012 MSUM Read Aloud Book Awards

 A picture book of a boy assigned an unwanted pen pal from outer space and a girl who is so busy with her extra-curricular schedule that she has no time to play are the winners of this year’s eighth annual Read Aloud Book Awards.

Nineteen regional teachers and librarians, along with 110 MSUM students, read aloud 313 picture books to about 20,400 children. The winners and honor books for younger and older children are determined after the Read Aloud Committee examines feedback from readers, which includes the responses of children to each of the books. Each book in the competition is read aloud numerous times.

The winner of the preschool to eight-year-old category:

 “Earth to Clunk,” written by Pam Smallcomb, illustrated by Joe Berger, and published by Dial Books for Young Readers, received the 2012 Wanda Gág Book Award for the best read aloud picture book for younger children. The award is named in honor of Wanda Gág, a children’s book author, illustrator, and artist who grew up in New Ulm, Minnesota. She’s best known for  “Millions of Cats” (published in 1928), considered the first American picture book.

Students, ages six to nine, loved this “out of this world” book, some saying that it was their favorite read aloud. They enjoyed the mystery behind Clunk and were fascinated by the Zoid, especially the page where the Zoid burps! Teachers used the book to make connections to pen pals and concrete poetry, as the text is often purposefully shaped in “stair” formations.

Honor books for the Wanda Gág Book Award:


  • “Fuddles” written and illustrated by Frans Vischer, and published by Aladdin, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division.
  • “Me and My Dragon” written and illustrated by David Biedrzycki, and published by Charlesbridge Publishing.

yay! i’m so happy i could eat a whole chili burger! and that’s just what i’m going to do tonight! mom makes it with onion rings and swiss cheese and anchovies and chopped tomatoes and dried chiles. with french fries on the side!


A Culinary Masters Degree

i should get a culinary masters degree in food appreciation. i’d graduate top of the class! i could even teach a course, and be a professor. i would have all the students make gourmet meals, and then i would have to eat them all so i could grade them. my finely tuned taste buds would immediately sense if everything was as yummy as it should be.

and if there was an ingredient missing i would make the student redo the whole thing, and then i would have to eat that too. what a swell job, and i would be extremely good at it! for now i’ll just have to dream about it, and also about tonight’s dinner. it’s asparagus soup, the really creamy kind with chopped yellow onion and unsalted butter and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a tiny bit of salt and pepper.



Chasing Squirrels

i chase the pesky squirrels to keep them out of my yard  they always climb the avocado tree and steal my family’s avocados. i keep finding half-eaten avocados lying in the grass. what a waste! sometimes they even drop one on my head- ouch! i can’t stand those squirrels!

so i chase them away whenever they’re on the ground. but they’re so darn fast! and i get tired pretty quickly. those darn squirrels. if i wasn’t so fat, i’d chase them right out of the neighborhood and teach them some lessons!

but then i’d be really tired. and hungry too! and tonight we’re having a big cobb salad with avocados, (not the half-eaten ones the squirrels left,) and chicken and bleu cheese and bacon bits. forget chasing squirrels!


Fuddles Imposter Down the Stairs

look at this kitty going down the stairs- what elegance, what grace! he must be coming down for his dinner. i can tell by his purposeful stride, the dynamics of his form. this kitty is determined to get his dinner!

and so am i! my clams dinner is waiting for me. mom makes it with extra virgin olive oil and minced garlic cloves and freshly chopped parsley! that’s worth trotting down the stairs for!


The Fattest Cat in the World!

there was some sad news this week. the world’s fattest cat died a few days ago. i’m very sorry for his owner and the people at the shelter that were taking good care of him.

i’m taking good care of myself too. i climb the couch three times each day, and i rest lots and eat right. tonight we’re having asparagus soup with minced shallots and leeks and parmesan and garnish! and cheese bread on the side!

i got to take care of myself because now i’m the fattest cat in the world!


Cowhand Fuddles

sometimes i dream i’m a cowhand working on a ranch in the wild west. i walk around with my noisy spurs, chewing a long grass reed, watching the other cowboys chasing cows and bulls. i don’t like to ride the bulls because that upsets my tummy. and taming those wild horses would probably make me really tired, so i just stand by the corral waiting for the dinner bell.

and we’re having barbecue ribs with worcestershire sauce and garlic bread and home-made french fries tonight. yahoo!


Pensive kitty

this kitty is deep in thought, pondering what the coming day will bring. i do that a lot of thinking too. i think about exploring the backyard, about what toy to chase around the house, where to take my next nap, when to take my next nap, and most important of all, what’s for dinner.

tonight it’s fried calamari with dried oregano and lemon wedges! that’s one of my top 100 foods! it’s so yummy that it can occupy my entire day’s thoughts. and all that thinking makes me very tired, so i’m going to take a nap and dream about fried calamari.


Nap time.

i love catnaps! there’s nothing better, except maybe eating. eating and napping are my  favorite things! i’m really good at napping and eating, and i do them both as much as i can.

so after my nap i’m having my dinner, a turkey wrap that mom gets from the deli. i like it with cream cheese and chives, and dijon mustard and shredded iceberg lettuce and swiss cheese and avocado and bacon!

and after that i’ll really need a nap!


Waxing about a smooth floor

i love it when mom waxes the floor! then i can twirl around like a synchronized swimmer with my reflection. i take a running jump and then i belly flop onto the floor and i zip all the way across the living room smack into the couch! i never move so fast when i run.

after i play a while, my fur gets all slick, like i put some oil on it. and then i strut around in the backyard, showing off my slick backside for the squirrels and birds.

all that activity works up a huge appetite, so then i have to take a nap and daydream about lunch. i’m dreaming about swedish pancakes! they’re made with sour cream and lots of eggs and powdered sugar on top!