Fuddles gets honor book award!

Over 20,000 regional children help choose the 2012 MSUM Read Aloud Book Awards

 A picture book of a boy assigned an unwanted pen pal from outer space and a girl who is so busy with her extra-curricular schedule that she has no time to play are the winners of this year’s eighth annual Read Aloud Book Awards.

Nineteen regional teachers and librarians, along with 110 MSUM students, read aloud 313 picture books to about 20,400 children. The winners and honor books for younger and older children are determined after the Read Aloud Committee examines feedback from readers, which includes the responses of children to each of the books. Each book in the competition is read aloud numerous times.

The winner of the preschool to eight-year-old category:

 “Earth to Clunk,” written by Pam Smallcomb, illustrated by Joe Berger, and published by Dial Books for Young Readers, received the 2012 Wanda Gág Book Award for the best read aloud picture book for younger children. The award is named in honor of Wanda Gág, a children’s book author, illustrator, and artist who grew up in New Ulm, Minnesota. She’s best known for  “Millions of Cats” (published in 1928), considered the first American picture book.

Students, ages six to nine, loved this “out of this world” book, some saying that it was their favorite read aloud. They enjoyed the mystery behind Clunk and were fascinated by the Zoid, especially the page where the Zoid burps! Teachers used the book to make connections to pen pals and concrete poetry, as the text is often purposefully shaped in “stair” formations.

Honor books for the Wanda Gág Book Award:


  • “Fuddles” written and illustrated by Frans Vischer, and published by Aladdin, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division.
  • “Me and My Dragon” written and illustrated by David Biedrzycki, and published by Charlesbridge Publishing.

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2 thoughts on “Fuddles gets honor book award!

  1. Happy for you, Fuddles! Make your owner buy you a whole bag of catnip and a new chew toy! that’s the least he can do!!

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