Black and White Kitty In A Black and White Bathroom

this kitty is bathing in the bathroom. good thing- his paws are filthy! i never let myself get so dirty. when i go outside i watch where i step. i carefully trot around the dirt patches in the grass, and i never go on the lawn if it hasn’t been freshly mowed. otherwise i just stay on the paving stones.

my family takes really good care of the yard. the only thing i don’t like are those unsightly gopher mounds. those filthy gophers crawl under the ground, in a bunch of dirt. how disgusting! whenever i see a gopher mound i run over and scatter all the dirt so the ground is nice and flat again.

but then my paws get all dirty and i need a bath. and all that scattering and cleaning makes me really hungry. that reminds me- we’re having enchiladas tonight! smothered with sour cream and guacamole and made with dried chile de arbol peppers and corn tortillas and shredded lettuce and chopped green onions and thinly sliced tomatoes. oh boy, i’m getting myself cleaned up for that!


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