Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

it was such a nice day that i went outside into the backyard and climbed on a neighbor’s garden shed. the roof was right in the sun and it was warm and cozy so i took a really long nap and had a great dream about swedish meatballs.

but suddenly i woke up because i was very hot. i decided to cool off inside, but my paws started to burn on that roof! did someone start a fire under that roof?! i quickly turned to go the other way, but it was just as hot there! ouch! i scrambled around in a circle, looking for a cooler spot, but every place i set my paws burned my toes.

ouch! ouch! ouch! i hopped up and down and scampered across that roof and finally landed on the grass. my paws hurt so bad i had to crawl on my tummy to get inside. the outside world can be a cruel and painful place. i’m not going out there any time soon.

we’re having scallops for dinner, but i hope there’s ice cream for desert so i can put my paws in it and cool them down.


4 thoughts on “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

  1. Hi. May I have your permission to use the image of the cat on the hot roof in a power point presentation I am making? I am a professor who will be talking about the delicacy of cross-racial discussions. I explain that sometimes the process is a little like a cat on a hot roof – no matter where you step you will likley make a mistake as far as someone is concerned, but we still need to keep trying. I did a google search for images and your blog came up. If the image is not yours, do you know whose it is?
    Thank you. Robin

    • Hi Robin.
      Yes, the image is mine. It is the cat from my children’s book, Fuddles. How funny that it could be used in a power point. Go right ahead and use the image- I wouldn’t mind if you mentioned the book.
      Best of luck with your presentation!
      Frans Vischer

  2. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve used this gorgeous feline on my facebook page to illustrate what it feels like to be an author when your latest manuscript is in the hands of your editor…I have credited both Fuddles and his human sidekick, and of course, have mentioned the beautiful book! I’ve also bought it for my twin nephews…wish it was in hardback over here in the UK! Cheers, Julia

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