That Darn Cat!

i’m a movie star! i do all the things that i normally do, like eat yummy gourmet meals and take naps in baby strollers and roll around on clean laundry, but in this movie i’m an actor. i make sure they only get my good side, which is really every side of me. i clean my teeth before the close-ups, and i get my fur all shiny.

it’s not easy being a movie star. they make you do the same thing over and over and  you have to sit for make-up all the time. i don’t know why- i lick myself clean constantly. and when i do a big action scene, like jumping off the couch and running out of a room. i need to take a nap, but they make me do it all over again. try doing that four times in a row!

all that work makes me so hungry! but the food on the set is pretty good. today we’re having roast beef with marsala wine and dijon mustard and mashed potatoes and mushrooms and green beans.

ready for another close-up, mr. de mille!



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