A Happy Reader

look at this boy read. he’s so engrossed. see how intensely he is engaged- he must be at the dramatic climax, the part where i got lost in my neighborhood. that was the scariest day of my life. it was so dark that i could barely see my paws in front of my eyes! there were scary sounds i’d never heard before-rustling in the trees, owls whooing and dogs barking. i never knew there were so many dogs in our neighborhood. and on top of that, i was so tired and hungry.

i’m glad i’m home on my comfy pillow. just thinking about that awful adventure made my tummy rumble. i’m so hungry i could eat a horse! which is a good thing because i smell horseradish, and that means we’re having flank steak tonight! i can already taste the dijon mustard and worcestershire sauce sprinkled with finely chopped green onions.


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