Party Problems

whenever my family has a party i have a lot of problems. the house gets really crowded, and people trample everywhere as if they own the place. there’s always a shoe or a leg bumping me or stepping on my tail. and they walk around eating my food too! nobody seems to realize that this is my house, and that they are guests here. one lady actually had the nerve to push me off my couch!

us four-leggers get the short shrift.  i wish my family would teach these visitors some manners. especially the kids! they pick me up all the time and play with me as if i’m a toy! they can barely hold me because i weigh more than they do, so my poor tummy hangs out and drags on the floor.

i can’t wait until they all leave. then i get some peace and quiet. and a good party meal too.  tonight i’m getting smoked grilled salmon with lemon pepper and garlic powder, and mashed potatoes on the side!



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