Pool lounging

i love lounging in the pool. it works all the stress of the day away. i’m no longer bothered by worrying thoughts like will i have my nails clipped today? or will the sand in my litter box be replaced or do i have to go a whole other day with that smell? i can just drift away with a clear mind, at ease and trouble free.

not completely trouble free, of course. a busy cat like me always has thoughts lingering in his brain. for instance, before i got in the pool i thought i smelled lasagna aromas from the kitchen, which sounds yummy. but now that i’m out here i smell baby back ribs from the neighbor’s barbeque! oh boy, i love baby back ribs… especially when it’s lathered thick with spicy barbeque sauce…

see! there goes my peace of mind! how can i possibly relax with these conflicting yummylicious smells floating through my nostrils?! my brain is driving me out of my mind! i can’t take it!

i better get back inside and concentrate clear my head. i do love the way mom makes lasagna with italian sausage and ricotta and parmesan cheese and lots of tomato sauce. i’m feeling better already!


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