Scary Squirrels

3 giant scary squirrels jumped from our backyard tree and knocked me down and demanded i give them half of my dinner every day or else! that would be the end of me! i need 3 full meals- i’ll starve without my daily nourishment!

the squirrels started to get rough with me. i was sweating! i didn’t even know cats could sweat, but i did. then i woke up and i was on my comfy pillow and  there were no big squirrels anywhere. what a relief! just to be safe, i ate my dinner really fast, in case those nasty squirrels showed up to take it from me.

i think i ate too fast, because now my tummy is all bloated and sore. mom’s spicy chicken andouille sausage chili is weighing me down. and i shouldn’t have had seconds of the cornbread. i better take another nap to relax my tummy, and if those mean squirrels come back to scare me i might give them my dinner in a way they wouldn’t want.


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