i climbed the countless steps to the top of the diving platform. the pool looked small so far below, but i boldly stepped forth, fearlessly and confidently. my toes gripped the edge of the diving board. i took a deep breath, bent my knees and leaped high, somersaulting through the air before descending down toward the  AAAAAAAAHHH!!

i got to stop these catnap dreams! here i am on the floor next to my pillow, shaking like a leaf. i’m even more tired than i was before i took my nap. now i need another one!

but wait! i smell dinner cooking- mom’s making oysters and artichoke casserole. i don’t know if my tummy is up for that yet, but it smells really good! mushrooms sauteed in butter! minced green onions, thinly sliced unpeeled lemon and a pinch of thyme and paprika!



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