A garden misadventure

i was having a nice stroll in our garden this morning, purring contently in the warm sunshine, rolling in the grass and rubbing my back against the oak tree.suddenly a delicious aroma from the chrysanthemums filled my pink nose. just as i started sniffing them the ground started shaking. i was so frightened i didn’t know what to do!

i dashed behind the oak tree, sure that i was about to lose one of my nine lives. but then a gopher emerged from the dirt, and i realized i’d been fooled again. i was so mad i charged at him, and that cowardly gopher disappeared into his tunnel. i went after him but my tummy got stuck, and  i pushed and pulled for a long time to get myself free.

i was so exhausted i just plopped down on the grass! and then my tummy started rumbling. all that excitement made me really hungry, but i was a complete mess. i couldn’t possibly let my family see me like this! so i licked myself clean from head to toe.

and just when i came in it was dinner time! what a stroke of luck- we’re having jumbo shrimp with stuffed with cilantro and chiles and ground black pepper and jalapenos!

after my terrible garden adventure, i think i deserve that.



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