A comfy place to snooze

what a cozy place for a catnap! frans and this kitty look pensive. they must be deep in thought. frans is probably pondering a story problem for one of his books. and this kitty looks conflicted, a little tenuous. he’s probably having one of those inner struggles that i have so often, like deciding if i should stay here or go into the living room? then i wonder if i should visit my litterbox, and while i’m contemplating that i suddenly have an urge to go outside.

cats lead very complicated lives- so many decisions to make! i may be heading down the stairs to visit the laundry room and out of nowhere i get picked up and someone in the family starts playing with me. just like that all my plans are turned upside down! what a mind bender!  i have to switch gears all of a sudden and adapt to a new situation. will i still make it to the laundry room? and if i don’t, what will that do to the schedule- does everything get bumped back? will there be time to do everything? or do some things get pushed back to tomorrow? and what will that do to the rest of the week?!

no wonder i feel so tense! a good meal will help settle me down. i think we’re having catfish tonight. oh no, that was last night. i don’t know what we’re having. i can’t smell anything cooking in the kitchen. maybe we’re having take-out. but then how will i know what’s for dinner? do i have to wait the rest of the day to find out?! and what if my family ordered something i don’t like, or something i’m allergic to? i could get really sick!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! now my whole day is ruined!!! i better go find a quiet place where i can shut my brain off and relax for a while…



Fuddles at the Grand Canyon!

look at this picture from the grand canyon! see how close that guy is to the edge?! that’s living on the edge, and that’s an adventure i don’t think i want to have. i bet that cliff goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy down.

i’m perfectly happy snoozing on the edge of my couch, dreaming about the grand canyon. and even then i get dizzy because i just don’t like heights. nope. i can climb trees okay, as long as i don’t look down, and i’m really good at climbing on the furniture. but i’ll leave the big climbing to those campers out there. i’m a happy camper staying on my couch thinking about my next meal. hey, tonight it’s tuna casserole with cream of chicken soup and shredded cheddar cheese and macaroni and yummy fried onions!

who needs adventure?


The Aristofatcats

i was with my family watching a movie about a bunch of cats. what an adventure they had! kind of like the adventures i have- exploring the neighborhood, being chased by a big bad bully, and hiding in really high places. i could just see myself right in that movie rescuing those little kittens.

but all that adventure is a lot of work. i got hungry just watching the movie! in fact i can’t wait for dinner- and what a dinner! kind of a breakfast/dinner really- a southwestern omelet with green peppers and chopped onions and cheddar cheese smothered in sour cream and tobasco sauce and salsa with a big heap of hashbrowns on the side and lots of ketchup.

i bet those cats in the movie didn’t eat like that!


i was hanging around the house the other day, and i snoozed off and suddenly i was hanging from a big clock on a big tall building way up above the ground. i have no idea how i got there, or how i’d get down from there. to make things worse, that arrow i was hanging from kept moving up, which made me slide down.

i don’t like heights- they make my tummy get all queezy. and to make matters even worse, i had asparagus quiche for breakfast, and it was weighing me down. quiche and queezy tummies don’t go well together. i was going down fast! i tried to swing to the window, but my tummy swished around like a water balloon.

and then i fell on the floor and i realized i’d only been sleeping on the couch. what a relief! everything was okay, except for my tummy, because it was rumbling loudly. and then i realized it was almost time for dinner. oh boy, i can”t wait to see what we’re having!


You Can Fly!

i was watching a movie on tv with my family. suddenly some kids in the movie started flying! how could that be? i thought. kids can’t fly! but then their fat dog started flying too! his leash kept him from flying off with them. poor guy. and then i thought-if that fat dog can fly, then so can i! and then i had another thought-i don’t have a leash. nothing would stop me from flying. i thought about that some more, and then all that thinking made me tired and i think i dozed off.

and suddenly i was flying with those kids in the movie! i flew all over a big city, and then i flew into the clouds and then we were over the ocean and there was a little island far down below. i was just thinking that i’d rather not go down there because i might fall into the ocean, but then the kids started going down there. i was thinking that i didn’t want to stay up there in the sky all by myself, so i thought i’d better go down there too. i tried to keep up with those kids but they were flying so fast it made me dizzy.

i was about to crash down and then something bumped me,  and i woke up on my couch. i was bouncing all over, and there was a lot of noise. i was thinking- what’s going on?! the kids in my family were jumping on the chairs and the couch and the coffee table. i think they were pretending they were flying. well phooey to that, i thought. i’ve had enough of flying already. i need something to relax me, so i thought about a nice juicy steak with a baked potato covered with butter and bacon bits and cheddar cheese and slathered with cream cheese…

i’m feeling better just thinking about it!


Slumbering Kitty

this kitty is fast asleep, happily dreaming about some great outdoor adventure, i bet. just like when i take naps. i took one just this morning where i dreamed i was chasing a big mean dog into an alley. i had him cornered, and i could see the fear in his eyes. i was just about to teach him a lesson when our neighbor’s dog barked really loud and i woke up and i was so scared that i couldn’t sleep anymore.

and then i remembered that we’re having tomato red chilly chutney tonight. i got so excited that i couldn’t take a another nap for the rest of the day! i could already taste the asafoetida, and the finely chopped cilantro and cumin seeds and the ripe tomatoes!

indian food is one of my all-time favorites! sometimes it’s a little too spicy, but then i drink a lot of water. then i have to pee a lot, and then i get hungry again… the life of a kitty cat isn’t easy.

meow to that!

American Women Get The Gold!!

GOOOOOOOAAALL!! yay!! the american women soccer team won the gold medal again! what a great game! so much action and goals and goalie saves and a bit of luck, and american soccer wins another gold! i was trying to take a nap on the couch  but my family kept me awake with all their shouting. and now i’m too excited to sleep.

and to celebrate my family is barbequing good old american hamburgers. oh boy, now i’m really excited! i can smell those cooking burgers all the way from the living room- the melting swiss cheese and dill pickle and home fries and baked beans.



Going For Gold

i’m so excited about the olympics! seeing all those people jump and run – i started doing it too. i ran 4 laps around the dinner table this morning! i wonder if they allow kitty cats in the olympics. just in case, i’m training really hard and putting myself in shape.

all this training makes me really tired and hungry. my body needs nourishment- i’m working so hard, i need more energy. so i’m gonna rest until dinner. i can hardly wait- we’re having lasagna with dried basil leaves and fennel seeds and mozzarella cheese and italian sausage!

since i’m in training, i’ll have just 2 servings tonight. and i might need a little nap then, so i’ll continue my training tomorrow.


Sleep Gymnastics


i was watching the olympics on tv from my comfy spot on the couch. people were jumping and swinging and twirling around. i must have dozed off. and i think i dreamt that i was in the olympics jumping and swinging and twirling. and then i woke up and i was way up on the bookcase! how on earth did i get here?!

and how on earth do i get down?!! i’m scared of heights- i get dizzy just thinking about looking down! maybe i’ll just wait until one of my owners passes by and they can take me down. but that could take a long time. and i’m getting hungry- i could starve before then. wait a minute! i smell dinner cooking. oh yummy, someone is grilling lamb chops. i can already taste the fresh rosemary and thyme leaves and cayenne pepper. and a little caesar salad on the side with gorgonzola cheese and those tiny tomatoes.

but what if they start without me?! what if they don’t come by at all, and i’m stuck here all night long?!! how dreadful! i know- i’ll just take another nap, and maybe i’ll wake up back on the couch…