Sleep Gymnastics


i was watching the olympics on tv from my comfy spot on the couch. people were jumping and swinging and twirling around. i must have dozed off. and i think i dreamt that i was in the olympics jumping and swinging and twirling. and then i woke up and i was way up on the bookcase! how on earth did i get here?!

and how on earth do i get down?!! i’m scared of heights- i get dizzy just thinking about looking down! maybe i’ll just wait until one of my owners passes by and they can take me down. but that could take a long time. and i’m getting hungry- i could starve before then. wait a minute! i smell dinner cooking. oh yummy, someone is grilling lamb chops. i can already taste the fresh rosemary and thyme leaves and cayenne pepper. and a little caesar salad on the side with gorgonzola cheese and those tiny tomatoes.

but what if they start without me?! what if they don’t come by at all, and i’m stuck here all night long?!! how dreadful! i know- i’ll just take another nap, and maybe i’ll wake up back on the couch…



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