Slumbering Kitty

this kitty is fast asleep, happily dreaming about some great outdoor adventure, i bet. just like when i take naps. i took one just this morning where i dreamed i was chasing a big mean dog into an alley. i had him cornered, and i could see the fear in his eyes. i was just about to teach him a lesson when our neighbor’s dog barked really loud and i woke up and i was so scared that i couldn’t sleep anymore.

and then i remembered that we’re having tomato red chilly chutney tonight. i got so excited that i couldn’t take a another nap for the rest of the day! i could already taste the asafoetida, and the finely chopped cilantro and cumin seeds and the ripe tomatoes!

indian food is one of my all-time favorites! sometimes it’s a little too spicy, but then i drink a lot of water. then i have to pee a lot, and then i get hungry again… the life of a kitty cat isn’t easy.

meow to that!

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