You Can Fly!

i was watching a movie on tv with my family. suddenly some kids in the movie started flying! how could that be? i thought. kids can’t fly! but then their fat dog started flying too! his leash kept him from flying off with them. poor guy. and then i thought-if that fat dog can fly, then so can i! and then i had another thought-i don’t have a leash. nothing would stop me from flying. i thought about that some more, and then all that thinking made me tired and i think i dozed off.

and suddenly i was flying with those kids in the movie! i flew all over a big city, and then i flew into the clouds and then we were over the ocean and there was a little island far down below. i was just thinking that i’d rather not go down there because i might fall into the ocean, but then the kids started going down there. i was thinking that i didn’t want to stay up there in the sky all by myself, so i thought i’d better go down there too. i tried to keep up with those kids but they were flying so fast it made me dizzy.

i was about to crash down and then something bumped me,  and i woke up on my couch. i was bouncing all over, and there was a lot of noise. i was thinking- what’s going on?! the kids in my family were jumping on the chairs and the couch and the coffee table. i think they were pretending they were flying. well phooey to that, i thought. i’ve had enough of flying already. i need something to relax me, so i thought about a nice juicy steak with a baked potato covered with butter and bacon bits and cheddar cheese and slathered with cream cheese…

i’m feeling better just thinking about it!


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