i was hanging around the house the other day, and i snoozed off and suddenly i was hanging from a big clock on a big tall building way up above the ground. i have no idea how i got there, or how i’d get down from there. to make things worse, that arrow i was hanging from kept moving up, which made me slide down.

i don’t like heights- they make my tummy get all queezy. and to make matters even worse, i had asparagus quiche for breakfast, and it was weighing me down. quiche and queezy tummies don’t go well together. i was going down fast! i tried to swing to the window, but my tummy swished around like a water balloon.

and then i fell on the floor and i realized i’d only been sleeping on the couch. what a relief! everything was okay, except for my tummy, because it was rumbling loudly. and then i realized it was almost time for dinner. oh boy, i can”t wait to see what we’re having!



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